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Philosophy, Mission and Goals


Established as a joint educational and research organization of a “research-centered university” where the “development of leading human resources” is the principal educational philosophy, the purpose of the Center for the Advancement of Higher Education is to carry out research and development, planning and support for higher education and promotion of the improvement of educational contents and methods (Article 2 of the Center for the Advancement of Higher Education Statutes). The center is entrusted with the provision of campus-wide support for education and student life as well as carrying out research and development for higher education.




The mission of the center is to carry out research and development for higher education for our students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the development and improvement of the entrance examination system, the improvement and upgrading of educational contents and methods for liberal education, and support for the students to satisfy their individual needs of student life while coordinating all these activities in an integrated way.




For the implementation of this philosophy and mission, and based on cooperation between the Division of Research in Higher Education, the Division of Liberal Education Programs, and the Division of Student Affairs to assist students in their studies, self-development, and career choices through all the stages from the juncture between high school and university to career guidance, the center has the following concrete goals:


[1]Research on higher education policies, etc., studies, research and proposals concerning educational curriculums which are appropriate for a research-centered university, and the planning and implementation of faculty development (FD) to improve the quality of teaching

[Section of Higher Education, Division of Research in Higher Education]


[2]Establishment of well thought out admissions policies to attract bright students with excellent future prospects, and studies and research for the implementation of a wide variety of entrance examinations for undergraduate and post graduate courses based on such policies

[Section of Admissions, Division of Research in Higher Education]


[3]Study, design and coordination of liberal education as basic education, improvement of the teaching environment, curriculum development and proposals concerning the implementation of subjects in liberal education

[Section of Laboratory Education in Natural Sciences/

Section of Language Education/

Section of Humanities and Social Sciences/

Section of Sports Science, Division of Liberal Education Programs]


[4]Maintenance and improvement of the mental and physical health of the students, improvement of the counseling services concerning studies, career choices, and psychological problems, Japanese language education and study guidance for international students, and improvements to career design education and employment support

[Section of Health Services/Section of Counseling Services/

Section of Japanese Language Education/

Section of Career Designing Services,

Division of Student Affairs]